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Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Urban Cinematography were proud to be a part of the team filming for Land Rover Umhlanga and the Kingsley Holgate Foundation in Kosibay. The 'Extreme East Expedition' was there to fill the traditional Zulu Calabash with water from the Indian Ocean in Kosibay, the most Easterly point of Southern Africa.

An East African Journey

Kingsley Holgate and his #ExtremeEastExpedition team were about to undertake their 33rd philanthropic expedition of its kind. They planned to journey up Africa, through some politically turbulent and dangerous countries, to reach the most easterly point of the African continent at Ras Xaafun, Somalia.

Landrover, a long time sponsor of Kingsley Holgate, gave the team fully kitted out Land Rover Discoveries, vehicles they would use to travel through Africa. They would also perform humanitarian work with many local communities they encountered along the way.

You can see the video below:

South African humanitarian, adventurer, and successful author Kingsley Holgate admitted: “As always, there’s that feeling of nervous anticipation in the pit of my stomach, not knowing quite what to expect. The volatile areas that we will be travelling through are not called the ‘badlands’ for nothing. But in the words of the 18th century Scottish explorer, Joseph Thomson: ‘He who goes gently – goes safely; he who goes safely – goes far.’ We believe that the ‘Zen of Travel’ will continue to guide us.. ” - Kingsley Holgate

You can read more about the full expedition on LANDROVER'S Webpage


Production crew: Jethro Snyders Photography. Urban Cinematography. Photo credits: Jethro Snyders, behind-the-scenes by Hanne-Lizé Delport. Featured: Kingsley Holgate. Ross Holgate. Pasella.

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